Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Power blackouts have impact on energy prices - are renewable energy stocks next?

With the recent power blackout in New York and California urging people to conserve energy to avoid blackouts, natural gas prices have spiked. The continued heat waves are putting pressure on the grid systems and traditional energy sources - natural gas and oil and gas are rising. Looking back to 2003 with the major power grid failure, interest in renewable energy stocks was immediate. That has not happened in a significant way yet, as the power outages so far have been isolated to specific areas.

On August 14th 2003 50 million Americans were effected with the largest blackout in American history. The blackout incited an interest in renewable energy stocks that was not sustained long term, but was the beginning of what we saw at our site, of the sector having a more mainstream following by retail investors. Shares of renewable energy public companies posted some of the biggest gains on the NASDAQ the Friday following the blackout.

With renewable energy stocks gaining new , broader interest this year and reaching highs in April and May and then softening - the question is - will the power blackouts fuel renewed life into the renewable energy sector?

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