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Q&A Interview with CEO and President of Powerdyne International (OTCBB: PWDY); 2014 Roll-Out of Portable Energy Generation Products

New York, NY, Point Roberts WA - February 11, 2014 (Investorideas.com newswire) Investorideas.com, a global news portal covering leading sectors, issues an exclusive Q&A with the Dale P. Euga, CEO and President of Powerdyne International, Inc. (OTCBB: PWDY), a company that manufactures portable power generation equipment . In a two- part series, Mr. Euga will discuss the 2014 roll- out of their PDIGenset to the portable energy generation market and its potential first commercial sale.

Q: Investorideas.com
For readers unfamiliar with your company and hearing about your technology for the first time, can you give us a brief summary of how it works and what the revenue model is based on ?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
Our product is a large scale portable electric generator that is powered by a new type of engine. The savings a client receives from using our patent pending technology is approximately a third of their existing power bill. This can be a very significant savings.
The most critical technology we employ is in the engine which produces the operating efficiencies and characteristics. The engine and generator operating together produce electrical power very efficiently at a low operational cost using natural gas as the primary fuel. Unlike other prime movers in the industry, our Powerdyne engine is radial in design, small, powerful, light weight, air cooled, and easily serviced and maintained.
The Powerdyne business model is based on independent electric power generation on the client's site and providing independent base load power to supplement the power that the client draws from the grid. The power generated by the Powerdyne electrical power costs the client less than that drawn from the grid and thereby provides constant base load power at a substantial saving for the client. The difference between what it costs Powerdyne to produce the power, and what the client will pay Powerdyne for that power is the revenue stream for our business.
Q: Investorideas.com
Dale, last November the company announced it would perform an engineering survey for the installation of two of its PDIGensets at Silver City Aluminum Company, Taunton, MA. Can you give us the results and how that went?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
The initial study was completed on November 20 th which proposed locating the Powerdyne equipment on the right side of the building near the Nitrogen tanks. This plan was reviewed with the client and the plant engineer. All of the special conditions of the site and the electrical engineering were completed in that study. The difficulties identified in that study were workable. However it was suggested by the plant engineer that it might be more efficient and practical to consider a different location for the equipment. A second on-site meeting with the owner and the plant manager was held on December 5 th and after consideration of the details of that study, it was concluded that a different location would be more practical.
A second engineering study was completed on December 12 th which located the Powerdyne equipment further back toward the right rear of the building. This study incorporated most of the details and construction concerns of the previous study and installation costs were adjusted accordingly. This plan was accepted by the owner and also accepted by the plant engineer on January 6, 2014.
Q: Investorideas.com
If everything goes according to plan what is the potential model/framework of an agreement with a company like this?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
We are in the process of negotiating a formal agreement with our first client, Silver City Aluminum Company. We have been composing a memorandum of understanding with the owner which will identify the responsibilities of both parties, parameters of the work, and provide a schedule for production, delivery of equipment and commissioning of the Powerdyne units. This agreement will be also incorporated into the final terms and conditions of the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). It is anticipated that an agreement could be finalized before the end of January 2014.
Q: Investorideas.com
Have you mapped out a manufacturing plan if you receive commercial orders?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
Yes. We have very serious interest from three other domestic businesses and we are prepared to act immediately. With the placement of an order from a qualified client, the PDIGenset can be manufactured, delivered, and commissioned within six months for a domestic client – same for foreign orders. Final delivery and commissioning are subject to foreign import tariffs and customs which are the sole responsibility of the client.
Q: Investorideas.com
What kind of other customers are you targeting and if the deal goes ahead with Silver City Aluminum Company, will it serve as a model for other potential customer?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
Target customers are commercial and manufacturing businesses that have a significant and constant electric power base load requirement. These primary target clients include hospitals, cold storage facilities, shopping malls, industrial fabrication, sewage treatment plants, and hotel and resort complexes. In addition, remote areas that are power deficient such as some Caribbean Islands are prime candidates for independent power stations.
Q: Investorideas.com
What are the most significant cost advantages and environmental benefits of your products ?
A: Mr. Dale P. Euga, CEO and President
The customer advantages are threefold. The most significant advantage is that the customer has zero capital outlay from to have the Powerdyne equipment manufactured and installed at his location. Secondly, the client should reap a significant cost savings (about 1/3) on the overall electric utility cost. And lastly, Powerdyne operates and maintains the equipment.
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About Powerdyne International, Inc. ( OTCBB: PWDY )
Powerdyne International, Inc. (www.PowerdyneInternational.com) is a manufacturing company that builds and leases electrical generation equipment including its own portable electrical power generation equipment called PDIGenset (which is patent and trademark pending).
PDIGensets are designed to be installed at virtually any location. The genset is leased and maintained by PDI. Although the company's target customer will typically use its PDIGenset to produce its own primary electrical power, however, the genset is useful in any situation where reliable power is needed.
PDI is founded on the ability to produce primary electrical power using proprietary technology to power electrical generation equipment which makes electricity cheaper than existing means of producing primary electric power. PDI expects that the difference between its cost of generating electricity over its customer's current cost will result in substantial savings to the customer. For more information on Powerdyne International go to: www.PowerdyneInternational.com
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