Friday, December 29, 2006

our updated clean energy and alternative energy stock list

Over the holidays we have been working on updating our list of alternative and cleantech stocks
to include some global foreign listed stocks. As Brazil China and India join North America and Europe we see opportunities in several foreign listed stocks

2007 and moving forward will be interesting times for the sector as the companies with viable and economically feasible technologies move the sector forward

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

renewable fuels fund

From President Bush's recent speeches on renewable energy to news that Democrats are pushing to create a renewable fuels fund - to global developments - the push is on for renewable energy moving forward into 2007. The stocks in the sector are still nowhere near where they were in the spring- but we are heading into a new year.

The energy industry is facing massive changes as the industry and government promotes the shift from traditional energy to renewable and alternative . Democrats plan to push the formation of a fund to promote renewable energy and conservation in the first weeks of the new Congress , with funding coming from oil companies.

One of the issues for discussion is supporting research in making ethanol from sources other than corn.

In the market in 2006- companies making enzymes for ethanol production - were strong performers in the market .Diversa( DVSA ) a company that makes enzymes, as well as optimized antibodies with pharmaceutical applications primary areas of focus for internal product development comprises alternative fuels such as ethanol. The stock has had a 52wk Range from 4.73 - 11.84 and currently trading at just under $10

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Consumers Demand Environmentally Friendly Cars and Automakers Respond with Electric, Plug-in Hybrids & Flex-Fuel ‘Green’ Vehicles – Issues of Global Warming, Fuel Prices and Energy Independence Drive Demand for Cleantech Vehicles, a leading investor and industry portal for the renewable energy sector, reviews the momentum surrounding the green car industry as global warming, costly fuel prices and the need for energy independence drives demand. Alternative transportation companies such as electric car developer and distributor ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) with current electric models on the market today, and ethanol producer Green Plains Renewable Energy (NASDAQ: GPRE), work to capitalize on consumer demands for cleaner vehicles and fuels. With the shift towards green cars taking hold, automakers such as Honda, General Motors, Toyota and others are stepping up efforts for further research and development in this area.

As the auto industry faces recent slipping sales, clean energy vehicles are catching the attention of consumers looking for efficiency and environmentally friendly alternatives, giving manufacturers a new direction for growth. The momentum behind green cars is a reaction to a variety of factors such as fuel prices despite current declines, environmental issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and global national energy security concerns.

This week many new clean energy vehicles are being introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, a platform for the unveiling of current and future alternative vehicles. Creating a buzz were displays of plug-in hybrids, which use electric motors with a gasoline engine as a backup, and electric vehicles that run entirely on electricity. Also in the mix were natural gas, ethanol and biodiesel vehicles. Another event, the AltCars Expo this weekend in Santa Monica, is shaping up to be the one of the premiere events for alternative fuel vehicles, and many of the new models and concepts will be present.

Recently, major automakers Toyota, Honda, General Motors and Nissan revealed a future that includes the production of various clean energy models. General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner has announced GM’s plans to develop a plug-in hybrid for its Saturn Vue Green Line SUV, but with no specific date for production revealed. General Motors has also unveiled the concept behind the Hummer “O2” which converts carbon dioxide to oxygen using algae-filled body panels.

General Motors is also focusing on cars that run on ethanol (E85) as part of their overall corporate environmental strategy moving forward. With ethanol becoming more widely available, as more producers such as Green Plains Renewable Energy (NASDAQ: GPRE) bring plant production online, these flex-fuel vehicles offer automakers viable near term opportunities while they continue to develop their next generation of green cars.

Hyundai is committing research efforts to hydrogen-powered fuel cells and vehicles that run on clean diesel as well as gas-electric hybrids. Honda is also looking at fuel cells with plans for hydrogen-powered sedans for 2008. Toyota Motor Corp, the largest seller of traditional hybrids, is another major automaker talking about developing plug-in models.

While many companies pursue the plug-in hybrid models, full electric vehicles are rapidly grabbing industry attention. While there are very few publicly owned companies currently offering mass-produced electric cars, one private firm Tesla Motors is showcasing its new Roadster prototype, planned for limited production as early as 2007, but with a price tag of $100,000USD. Nissan has plans for a 125-mile range all-electric car, but plans for production are targeted for 2010.

Electric car manufacturer and distributor ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) has a jump on the market with the only mass-produced and affordable electric car available for sale today. ZAP’s XEBRA city-car and truck is currently on sale through dealerships in Los Angeles for approximately $10,000USD. With most automakers looking several years down the road for market entry of most plug-in hybrids and electric models, ZAP appears well positioned to fill today’s consumer demands.

As a sign of things to come Yahoo! has created a special feature within Yahoo! Autos dedicated to green cars including ratings, technological overviews as well as community information and news pointing towards further validation of the potential behind the green car market.

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