Wednesday, December 27, 2006

renewable fuels fund

From President Bush's recent speeches on renewable energy to news that Democrats are pushing to create a renewable fuels fund - to global developments - the push is on for renewable energy moving forward into 2007. The stocks in the sector are still nowhere near where they were in the spring- but we are heading into a new year.

The energy industry is facing massive changes as the industry and government promotes the shift from traditional energy to renewable and alternative . Democrats plan to push the formation of a fund to promote renewable energy and conservation in the first weeks of the new Congress , with funding coming from oil companies.

One of the issues for discussion is supporting research in making ethanol from sources other than corn.

In the market in 2006- companies making enzymes for ethanol production - were strong performers in the market .Diversa( DVSA ) a company that makes enzymes, as well as optimized antibodies with pharmaceutical applications primary areas of focus for internal product development comprises alternative fuels such as ethanol. The stock has had a 52wk Range from 4.73 - 11.84 and currently trading at just under $10

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