Friday, May 11, 2007

The Project Big Green

IBM Announces New Asset Recovery Offerings to Make It Easier for Data Center Owners to Turn In Old Technology and Go Green With New, More Energy-Efficient Solutions

ARMONK, NY- May 10, 2007 -- IBM Global Financing (IGF) (NYSE:IBM -) is announcing a new set of asset recovery offerings as part of "The Project Big Green" campaign to help clients with less energy efficient data centers step up to greener technologies. The new suite of packaged offerings provides a focused, no-hassle approach for data center owners to upgrade to more energy-efficient technology."IBM is making it easier for data center owners to go green with new, more energy efficient technology," said John Callies, general manager of IBM Global Financing. "Before a client can upgrade the business has to develop a plan to get rid of the older technology. IBM is providing the tools to help companies make that first step towards solving the energy crisis in their data centers."

The IGF "Go Green in my Data Center" Program includes: -- Free Data Center Server disposal for US customers upgrading to new IBM Energy Efficient servers through end of the second quarter. Disposal is compliant with applicable federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.

-- Disk wiping services utilizing DOD overwrite standards to help protect data on all Intel-based servers.

-- A Green Data Center Asset Recovery Hotline, 1-888 SHOP IBM Option 1, ext.7615, or our website where data center owners can get guidance on how to dispose of their data center equipment and potentially get value to fund their upgrade.

-- The Hotline can also put data center owners in touch with an IBM Project Financing™ for Data Centers qualified financing specialist aligned by industry, who can tailor a financing deal to free up working capital to fund a greener, more energy-efficient data center. Center owners simply have to say, "I want to Go Green in my Data Center."
For over 20 years IBM Global Financing, the financing business segment of IBM, has been helping enterprises free up cash flow to fund their future growth. IBM Global Financing is uniquely positioned as part of Project Big Green to provide a "green wrapper" of financing solutions to help data center owners access the hardware, software and services they need to build an energy-efficient data center. IGF's simple financing solutions to qualified customers will help alleviate some of the capital constraints and allow enterprises, the opportunity to align their upfront costs to anticipated project benefits. Easy lease and loan terms will also help facilitate the planning and tracking of project costs.

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services (GARS), a division of IGF, is a single, global, trusted source for IT asset disposal and buyback services, with asset take-back sites around the world. IBM GARS can help data center owners simply and efficiently deal with the proper environmental disposal of all of their old IT equipment consistent with local, state and federal regulations worldwide. In addition, IBM GARS can help enterprises protect and keep confidential the data stored on hard drives slated for disposal. In total, IGF invests $100 million a year in infrastructure, people and processes to help enterprises reduce the risks associated with asset disposal.

About IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing (IGF), the financing business segment of IBM and the world's premier single-source provider for multi-vendor IT financing solutions, serves commercial clients ranging from small businesses to more than 90% of the Global Fortune 100. With assets of $34 billion worldwide, IGF provides project financing, commercial financing and asset-recovery services to 125,000 clients in more than 50 countries. Additional information can be found at

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