Saturday, June 02, 2007

Green is Good

Wall Street has a new mantra changing Gordon Gekko's words that started a cult -like following "Greed is Good" to new eco friendly words "Green is Good" from Corporate leaders like Yahoo!- Yahoo for Good.

The new website -Yahoo! Green -(Nasdaq: YHOO) offers environmental tips to save money, stop pollution, and help fight global warming.

Yahoo! is encouraging users to take action and reduce their CO2 emissions.

With major companies and world financial leaders making strides to create a green future we created a new ad format for companies to show their green mantra - Green is Good!

Companies in the sector can share their green philosophy and gain brand awareness with Green Ads. The Green Ads target the growing number of ethical and green investors and consumers and create instant visual identification as a green company with the phrase "Green is Good " attatched to the bottom of the ad ! To see an example-

or - on our Green Investor Portals:®,®, and investor and industry research portals that look at the renewable energy and Greentech sectors.

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