Friday, August 17, 2007

article on electric cars and vehicles worth noting

article on electric cars and vehicles worth noting:
Green Basics: Electric Vehicles and Carsby Collin Dunn, Seattle on 08.16.07Cars & Transportation
article link:
For more information, check out Wikipedia's entry on EVs, and hit up the manufacturers websites: ZAP, Phoenix Motorcars, Tesla Motors, Commuter Cars and Miles Automotive Group. For further reading in TreeHugger, read the Tesla tag or type it in to the TreeHugger search box, if you've got some time to kill. Try a similar maneuver if you really want to dig in to TreeHugger's archives of electric cars, but beware: you might fall in and not be able to dig out for an hour or two. For more on greening your personal transportation, check out our How to Green Your Car guide.
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