Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 20th Online Greentech Investor Conference Schedule of Times for Presenters register and login -

6:00 am pst
Christina Page, Yahoo!’s Director of Climate and Energy Strategy
6:20 am pst
Robert Wilder - WilderHill Clean Energy Index

6:40 am pst
Peter C. Fusaro - Chairman & Founder of Global Change Associates

7:00 am pst
Akeena Solar, Inc.

7:20 am pst
Jamie Wimberly - Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG) LLC

7:40 am pst
Matthew Sant - Partner, Irell & Manella LLP

8:00 am pst
XsunX, Inc.

8:20 am pst
Rafael Coven - Managing Partner, Cleantech Indices™

8:40 am pst
Adam Krop - Vice President-Equity Research, Ardour Capital Investments, LLC

9:00 pm pst
Medis Technologies Ltd.

9:20 pm pst
Estelle Lloyd - Venture Business Research Ltd.

9:40 pm pst
Brian C. Yerger - CFA Research Analyst

10:00 pm pst

10:20 pm pst
J. Peter Lynch - Solar Expert

10:40 pm pst
Telkonet SmartEnergy

11:00 pm pst
Neil D. Berlant - Senior Vice President Managing Director – Water Group Crowell, Weedon & Co.

11:20 pm pst
Clear Skies Solar, Inc.

11:40 pm pst
Neal M Dikeman - Jane Capital Partners LLC
12:00 pm pst
Mary D. Nichols - Chairman, California Air Resources Board
12:20 pm pst
Joshua Levine - Editor, ChangeWave Investing and ChangeWave MicroCap Investor
12:40 pm pst
Yeves Perez - CEO & CGO, Eco Investment Club
1:00 pm pst
Mark Henwood, Founder - Camino Energy

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