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Telkonet to Present at Greentech Conference

Telkonet to Present at Greentech Conference
Telkonet's developing leadership position in energy management to be discussed during online conference

GERMANTOWN, Md Monday March 17, 2008 --Telkonet, Inc. (AMEX:TKO - News) the leading provider of innovative, centrally managed solutions for integrated energy management, networking, building automation and proactive support services today announced that Jeff Sobieski, Executive Vice President - Energy Management will make a presentation at the Greentech Investor Conference taking place on March 20th. In his presentation Mr. Sobieski will discuss Telkonet SmartEnergy products and the company’s direction in addressing the fast-growing market for energy management products. “We have some exciting products to assist building owners in managing their heating and cooling costs. With energy prices near or at all-time highs we are seeing considerable interest in our Telkonet SmartEnergy products, which are designed to provide average energy cost savings of approximately 30% for many applications. In fact, many of our hospitality industry related customers are often realizing savings in excess of 30%, depending on the extremes of the outside temperature variations and the type of building construction,” commented Mr. Sobieski. “All of us at Telkonet are very excited to be addressing this market at a time when the rising cost of energy has become a worldwide topic of discussion. Please join us online next week as we present our patented and unique solution to managing in-building energy costs.”

Telkonet SmartEnergy products use a combination of occupancy sensors along with intelligent programmable thermostat controllers to adjust and maintain a rooms picture according to occupancy, time of day and environmental factors such as outside temperature and humidity, into a preset configuration of limiting the wasteful heating and cooling of unoccupied rooms and the damaging impact of and proper temperature fluctuations.

The global Greentech online investor conference will be held on March 20, 2008. For a full list of speakers and presenters and information on how to register for the conference is available at .

About Telkonet SmartEnergy

Telkonet SmartEnergy (TSE) is an intelligent, occupancy-driven in-room energy management system, providing an economic, green approach to controlling HVAC usage and improving energy efficiency. It incorporates a patented technology – Recovery Time™ (RT) that performs constant real-time calculations to adjust and maintain a room’s temperature based on occupancy. Unlike conventional fixed-setback systems, where the temperature is often forced to one fixed temperature in all rooms, RT takes into account a diverse range of factors to determine each room’s energy efficient temperature, restoring the temperature to the users’ desired comfort setting within minutes of returning to a room.

TSE has been proven to deliver a rapid return on investment, typically achieving quantifiable savings of around 30% by eliminating the wasteful heating and cooling of unoccupied rooms. Operating on an individual room-by-room basis, the system uses a combination of occupancy sensors, along with intelligent programmable thermostats or PTAC controllers, underpinned by RT’s unique functionality that ensures rooms are never excessively hot or cold when an occupant returns to the room.

About Telkonet

Telkonet’s unique broadband networking solutions currently support more than a million network users per month, with its energy management systems optimizing energy consumption in over 80,000 rooms. Telkonet’s technology innovation is underpinned by the highest level of end-to-end quality of service, with comprehensive technical customer support. Its systems deliver wide-ranging functionality, from wired and wireless high-speed Internet access to energy management, IP surveillance and local area networking. Telkonet’s platforms are widely deployed on the global stage – in single buildings and ships, in multi-building complexes, hospitality venues and multi-dwelling units, and at government, education and defense locations.

Telkonet’s innovations include the revolutionary Telkonet Series 5 and the Telkonet iWire System™, which convert a site’s existing internal electrical infrastructure into an IP network backbone – quickly, cost-effectively and without disruption. The portfolio also includes the integrated EthoStream product suite, providing a comprehensive and advanced technology management platform for the hospitality industry, differentiated by outstanding remote management tools and a dedicated customer support facility. Telkonet SmartEnergy completes the line-up, delivering typical bottom line savings of 30% by controlling in-room energy consumption according to occupancy. For more information, please visit

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