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Clear Skies Solar Signs $1.7 Million Agreement to Provide Renewable Energy for California Dairy Farm

Clear Skies Solar Signs $1.7 Million Agreement to Provide Renewable Energy for California Dairy Farm
Solar Installation Will Provide Energy for Scott Brothers Dairy Farm

NEW YORK, Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (OTCBB: CSKH), a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, today announced that it will provide solar power to a Riverside County, CA, dairy farm, Scott Brothers Dairy Farms.

Under the $1,700,000 agreement, Clear Skies Solar will provide approximately 240 kilowatts of solar power to the dairy farm, helping it to offset its carbon footprint, reduce energy usage and save on utility costs.

Construction, anticipated to commence this summer, will consist of two systems. The first will include construction of a 63.86kW installation and the second will install an additional 74.93kWs. Clear Skies Solar will install the solar panels on shade structures and an existing barn on Scott Brothers’ San Jacinto, CA-based dairy farm.

“At the time that we decided to install new shade structures to help keep our cows cooler, my father, Stan, brother, Bruce, and I were already doing research about ways to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption,” said Brad Scott of Scott Brothers Dairy Farms. “That is when we decided to look into installing solar energy to our farm and sought out companies that not only have the experience to handle the construction, but also have the ability to help us navigate the various rebate programs associated with installing solar energy.”

Clear Skies Solar is currently conducting engineering and working closely with Scott Brothers Dairy Farms to navigate the various financing options and rebates available to them to assist Scott Brothers in making its farm more environmentally conscious.

“An increasing number of agricultural businesses are looking at ways to decrease their carbon footprints and conserve natural resources,” said Ezra Green, Chairman and CEO of Clear Skies Solar. “Clear Skies Solar is proud to work with forward-thinking businesses like Scott Brothers Dairy Farms who are at the forefront of this initiative and recognize the integral role that solar energy will play in both the future of their operations and of the larger global energy market.”

Clear Skies Solar offers a proven renewable energy solution for the agricultural industry at a time when high energy prices and consumption are negatively affecting business. The agricultural industry is a solid market prospect that Clear Skies Solar will continue to service with expert alternative energy consultation and installation.

About Clear Skies Solar

Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (CSS) through its wholly owned subsidiary provides full-service renewable energy solutions to commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients across the country. CSS was incorporated in 2003 and launched formal operations in 2005. During that time period, CSS developed its proprietary systems, obtained licenses and certifications, and acquired technologies that could maximize the impact of its construction expertise on the renewable energy sector. CSS has become one of the premier solar electric installation companies in the country. For more information about CSS, visit

About Scott Bros Dairy Farms

For more than 95 years, Scott Brothers Dairy has been producing and distributing high quality dairy products including Milk, Yogurt, Sour Cream, Ice Cream, Soft Serve mixes and Soft Frozen Yogurt mixes. Non-dairy products we manufacture include Orange Juice, Fruit Punch, and other fruit drinks. Headed by Stan Scott and his two sons Brad and Bruce, Scott Brothers also provides and distributes various cheeses, meats, salads, dressings, and ice cream. Scott Brothers’ is committed to providing it’s customers with exceptional products and service and is able to customize and co-pack many products to meet every customer’s needs. For more information visit

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