Thursday, May 14, 2009

Camelina Cuts Jet Emissions 84 Percent

Camelina Cuts Jet Emissions 84 Percent
Industry leader welcomes study

(Cincinnati, OH 5/12/09) A life cycle analysis conducted by Michigan Technological University shows thatjet fuel made from camelina could lead to drastic cuts in carbon emissions from traditional fuel. Great Plains Oil & Exploration, the largest camelina company in the world, welcomes the results of the study.

"This confirms what we have learned about camelina and why we established camelina as a biofuel source,"
said Great Plains CEO Sam Huttenbauer, III. "We studied and improved camelina production for a decade
before we launched the crop commercially, knowing that this crop will be a leader in next generation
"The fuel industry could be revolutionized by this amazing plant," added Huttenbauer.
The study, conducted by Michigan Tech professor David Shonnard, also points out that camelina can be
converted into drop-in jet fuel. That means that engines can use 100 percent fuel made from camelina
instead of traditional jet fuel with no performance or maintenance changes. The difference is the effect
camelina has on the environment.
Throughout camelina’s life cycle, the study showed the drop in carbon emissions is about 84 percent when
compared to the emissions throughout the life cycle of traditional jet fuel. Professor Shonnard stated,
"Camelina jet fuel exhibits one of the largest greenhouse gas emission reductions of any agricultural
feedstock-derived biofuel I've ever seen".
Results Will Improve
Great Plains is the world’s largest supplier of camelina seed to farmers and camelina oil to biofuel
producers. The company has exclusive access to the majority of the world’s camelina germplasm. Further,
Great Plains has contracted the vast majority of acres commercially growing camelina in North America.
The company is working to improve camelina yields to prepare for the explosive demand for camelina oil in
the coming years. Through agronomic practices, varieties suited for specific geographic and climate
conditions, traditional breeding, and biotech solutions, Great Plains is leading the charge to bring camelina
into aviation and other biofuel production.
"This will be a record year for camelina," said Huttenbauer. "We are experiencing tremendous growth in
contracted acreage and our intellectual property is driving rapid increases in yield. This study illustrates
what we have known. Camelina is at the forefront of the changing fuel landscape in North America."
About Great Plains Oil & Exploration
Great Plains Oil & Exploration (Great Plains – The Camelina Company) is a renewable fuels company founded
with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing fuel and chemicals produced from camelina. Great Plains is
establishing a grower base and production facilities from which it will produce and supply biofuel as well as highprotein,
omega-3 rich animal feed.. More information can be found at
Great Plains Oil & Exploration, LLC - The Camelina CompanyP.O Box 261 – Havre, MT 59501 - USA877-922-6645 toll-free - 513-825-8830

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