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Solar Stocks Commentary with J Peter Lynch; The Stock Market and Solar Market Sector Outlook Solar Stocks Commentary with J Peter Lynch; The Stock Market and Solar Market Sector Outlook

Point Roberts, South Salem, New York- May 13 2009- a leading green investor portal, presents solar stocks commentary with J .Peter Lynch, a solar expert and frequent contributor to

The Stock Market and Solar Market Sector Outlook
J. Peter Lynch
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As I have said many times over the years solar stocks have a bright future, a very bright future. But investors have to understand a number of things about the current stock market and solar stocks in particular in order to fully take advantage of this long-term trend.

Markets go up and markets go down and these moves usually occur when it is least expected. At the present time solar stocks, the energy industry and the market in general have been in a totally amazing rally since early March 2009. Unfortunately the market and solar stocks have put on the equivalent gains two excellent years (NOT average years) in the past 8 weeks and in my opinion this is simply not sustainable.

As I said in early March in my previous article:

“The Dow Jones Industrial Index recently recorded a twelve year low and the media is FULL of doom and gloom. This terrible news was all over the financial press, accompanied by scenarios of more of the same to come. In fact, the recent survey from the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) had fallen to the most bearish level in history – 70% of those surveyed felt that the direction of the market would be DOWN over the next 6 months”.

“Nothing is 100% for sure, as we all know. But I think we are either at a significant bottom or very close to it. Everything is so “oversold” at this time, that I think the worst case is that we get a significant rally in what could still be a bear market”.

“Keep in mind that ALL the bad news out there is in media now. We already know all the bad news. Remember that the stock market IS actually a discounting mechanism which looks out 6 to 9 months into the future. We do not need GOOD NEWS to turn the market around, only LESS bad news”.

Well in retrospect that was certainly prescient insight and the market took off with most of the major indexes being up over 25% and some of the foreign markets being up over 35% percent and the solar sector of the market being UP over 70% in JUST 8 WEEKS more than triple the general market indexes.

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