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What Does Founder have in Common with T. Boone Pickens?

What Does Founder have in Common with T. Boone Pickens?
-An interest in Investing in the Environment, Natural Gas, Water and a love for Wild Horses

Point Roberts, WA, DELTA, BC –June 25, 2009 – founder and President, Dawn Van Zant
comments on the vision for her two companies, and and the common threads of investing in the environment and a love for wild horses and endangered animals.

“I run two separate companies, and, that on the surface have nothing in common from the outside, and it would be a surprise to anyone looking at each one separately that the same person created both. is a financial web site that provides research tools for investors, and we have created content by industry sector, with a primary focus on environment and water. We were one of the first investor websites covering renewable energy and water – and were doing so before it became ‘mainstream’ for retail investors. We have built relationships with some of the sectors leading experts and have held online investor conferences and interviewed some of the best known names in water and renewable energy. We have also covered natural gas stocks for years and have a comprehensive natural gas stocks directory.

Being in the financial markets for over 12 years, has had its share of great successes and been confronted with financial failures like everyone else, but in its best years it has enabled me to help fund and support my creative and heart- felt projects. is a publishing and Toy Company that is based on original content I created and wrote about endangered and wild animal conservation. Our main product lines are the No More Night Mares, a book and toy line about saving wild horses, I Sea Horses, a line of colorful seahorse toys about wild horses that transform into sea horses to save themselves, and Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop, a story about a boy’s journey to the Gobi desert to save the last wild Bactrian camels, inspired by my friends son’s battle with cancer. All of the lines are written and created from the heart, are non- commercial and are designed to promote awareness and education for endangered species and respect for the environment.

Wild Heart has never been a financial success, but has had great accolades from consumers and reviewers that “get it “. We have had our ideas copied and stolen by others who ironically have had more commercial success than we have, but I venture to guess that they have never received the letters we do from the recipients of our product lines.

I still have faith and hope for the creative properties and still hold the vision of making movies and telling the stories in a bigger venue.

My business coach Sara Basloe, Master Elite Coach from Anthony Robbins Company asked me in one of my sessions to find a like- minded role model to follow. I kept thinking of women – and instantly thought of Oprah and other strong women, but really felt although I admired them, I was not like them.

Looking at T. Boone Pickens, I have found inspiration and common threads for all of my business and dreams.
He is a pure, straight talking entrepreneur who invests in and supports causes that I also believe in.

From his investment in Mesa Water, his push for Wind Energy, the formation of The Pickens Plan, his natural gas company Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE ) and his support for wildlife conservation, I think I have found my role model. Boone also testified before the US Congress several years ago in support of legislation banning horse slaughter for human consumption. His wife Madeleine has established the Madeleine Pickens Wild Horse Sanctuary.

So in giving hope to business people like myself and others, I thank you Mr. Pickens. We have common threads, you just have more $$$ and 000’s attached to it. But the dream is just as big. “

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About T. Boone Pickens:
“I firmly believe one of the reasons I was put on this Earth was to make money, and be generous with it,” Pickens says. “And that’s what I’ve continually tried to do.”
The Pickens Foundation is improving lives through grants supporting educational programs, medical research, athletics and corporate wellness, at-risk youths, the entrepreneurial process and conservation and wildlife initiatives.

Pickens Plan – Promoting Clean Energy
More than 1.5 million people have joined through the website, which has had more than 15 million hits.
The Pickens Plan:
•Create millions of new jobs by building out the capacity to generate up to 22 percent of our electricity from wind. And adding to that with additional solar generation capacity;
•Building a 21st century backbone electrical transmission grid;
•Providing incentives for homeowners and the owners of commercial buildings to upgrade their insulation and other energy saving options; and
•Using America's natural gas to replace imported oil as a transportation fuel in addition to its other uses in power generation, chemicals, etc.

Madeleine Pickens Wild Horse Sanctuary, Wild Heart Ranch Inc., a children's toy and publishing company that has built its brands around original stories about nature and endangered species, encourages young readers and parents to become informed and make a difference in the animal world. The current lines, "Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop", "I Sea Horses, From Sky to Sea" and "No More Night Mares" address conservation of the critically endangered wild Bactrian camels, seahorses and wild horses.

No More Night Mares, A Dream of Freedom -Review by: Dana E. Blozis
Author Dawn Van Zant brings readers the magical tale of wild horses searching for freedom in The No More Night Mares, A Dream of Freedom. In this delightful children's book, Van Zant captivates readers with the legend of Eclipse, a mighty stallion determined to protect his herd from capture. With the help of rival stallion Golden Earth, Eclipse deftly escapes man's grasp, valiantly leading his mares Comet, Moonbeam, and Lucky Stars into the night sky.
This story is poignantly written by Van Zant who has long been a lover of animals and their stories. She lovingly portrays the struggle of wild horses to remain free in a land where capture appears imminent. Weaving a lesson of comfort and victory into the story, Van Zant's words are spirited and colourful, allowing the reader to become immersed in the story. At the same time, the author shares a bit of history of wild horses and their diminished presence in America today.
Magnificently illustrated, lifelong horse lover Kim McElroy offers more than an artist's rendering of the lively horses in Van Zant's story. Rather, she captures their spirits and their souls, helping young readers understand the horses' majestic beauty, their dreams and their fears. The careful portrayal of each horse contains rich colors and shadows, giving it life and character throughout the story.
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Joost Hoogstrate said...

Hi Van Zandt, there is so much that we can do with alternate sources of energy like solar and wind energy. We hardly ever tap into those inexhaustible sources of energy the way we should. There is abundant sunshine and wind in so many places. It is all there to be used for free. We in just have to take it and use it.

Let’s go green for free!
Joost Hoogstrate