Thursday, September 16, 2010 - Top Investor Searches This Week; OTC Stocks, Agriculture, Water, Renewable Energy, Natural Gas Stocks and Electric Car Stock NASDAQ:TSLA - Top Investor Searches This Week; OTC Stocks, Agriculture, Water, Renewable Energy, Natural Gas Stocks and Electric Car Stock NASDAQ:TSLA


September 16, 2010 – ( Newswire), a global investor research portal specialized in sector research, announces this week’s top ten search phrases from inbound global investors. Top investor searches include NYSE: CGA, OTCBB: AFLB, OTCBB: RMCP, OTCBB: ARDM, OTCBB: LBSR, Agriculture stocks, Water stocks, Renewable energy stocks, Natural gas stocks and electric car stock NASDAQ:TSLA. covers over twenty sectors and is a leader in renewable energy and water stocks research. The Top 10 Investor Search List is featured on home page and is updated each Wednesday for investors and site visitors.
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This week's top 10 investor searches at
NYSE:CGA - read recent news on CGA and agriculture stocks
Agriculture stocks - Visit our agriculture stocks directory for more info
Water stocks - visit our water stocks investor portal-
Renewable energy stocks- Research green stocks with our green investor content
Natural gas stocks - Learn More visit the Natural Gas Stocks Directory to research Natural Gas Stocks
NASDAQ:TSLA - read this week's article on TSLA and electric car stocks; Electric Car Stock News, Tesla Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) added to NASDAQ Clean Edge Green
Energy Index

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Showcase green agriculture stock company profile:
Aquamer Medical Corp. ( OTCBB: AQUM) (DBA/ Urban Agricultural Corp.) a sustainable agriculture stock recently announced the acquisition of Urban Agricultural Corp. ("Urban Ag"), a privately owned company.
(OTCBB: AQUM) Senior management discuss recent initiatives at NASDAQ Marketsite, Times Square, NYC / August 19, 2010
The company is entering the business of urban indoor farming, environmentally friendly and sustainable urban production of healthy agricultural products under highly controlled, indoor conditions using advanced techniques and processes.
Investors can view the full company profile at:
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