Saturday, January 15, 2011

MicroCap Investor ; Finding the best pure play stocks in biotechnology, cleantech, and other advanced and emerging technologies

MicroCap Investor ; Finding the best pure play stocks in biotechnology, cleantech, and other advanced and emerging technologies

New York, NY, January 15, 2011 -Josh Levine’s MicroCap Investor

Josh Levine’s MicroCap Investor, a financial advisory service, reports it has added “MicroCap Investor Portfolio's Top Performer of the Week” to to update interested investors.

Josh Levine’s MicroCap Investor reports January 14th, “The shares of this developer of a new class of cancer therapeutics are up 260% since Josh first recommended them to his subscribers. The stock is off to a strong start in 2011, surging 57% since December 31. The value of this biotech, which has a long-standing partnership with a leading biopharma and a healthy cash hoard, lies in the ability of its drugs to be used in combination therapies and its excellent prospects for attracting licensees.”

The strategy for MicroCap Investor is simple: to focus on small, innovative companies representing the best pure plays in the fast-growing waves of change in biotechnology, cleantech, and other advanced and emerging technologies.

The site also recently launched its first free investor blog, ‘Functional Inspiration: Money and Innovation in the Microsphere.”

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Levine's MicroCap Investor delves deep into the world of small stocks to identify big winners, targeting innovative companies on the path of the new and revolutionary.
About Josh Levine

Levine has 25 years of senior-level experience in analyzing technology trends and investing in top-performing micro- and small-cap stocks. He excels at assessing management teams and evaluating new innovations and their impact on corporate valuations.

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To learn more about this and the other outstanding investment opportunities in the MicroCap Investor portfolio, subscribe now. is partnered with Josh Levine and MicroCap Investor as part of its mission to provide investors with research tools to explore the world of small stocks. The team operates this web site and manages the administration and marketing for MicroCap Investor. is a leading investment and industry research portal, with resources covering high-growth sectors including technology, biotech and cleantech.

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