Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earn Cash for Energy Efficiency Upgrades from Con Edison

Earn Cash for Energy Efficiency Upgrades from Con Edison

by Courtney C. Capshaw, Lockheed Martin

Member of the Con Edison Green Team

Office buildings consume more energy than any other building type, according to the U.S Energy Information Administration. These buildings use 198 billion kWh of electricity each year, equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by 18 million American homes annually. The cost of this energy usage is on average $1.51 per square foot in office buildings nationwide. That number is closer to $2.50 per square foot in New York City, where buildings consume almost 80% of all energy.

Con Edison’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Program can help to reduce energy consumption in office buildings. This program provides C&I customers cash rebates and incentives for implementing energy efficient solutions and installing energy efficient equipment upgrades. Available for both gas and electric projects, these energy efficiency upgrades can help improve your company’s bottom line by reducing energy usage and maintenance costs while increasing operating efficiencies.

Con Edison anticipates these cash rebates and incentives will encourage the completion of energy efficiency projects in the Company’s service area, which includes New York City and Westchester County. With rebates and incentives available for both gas and electric, the program offers a variety of participation options. “Since the launch of the C&I Program last summer, we’ve received over 1000 project applications, accounting for nearly 67,000,000 kilowatt hours and 512,000 therms savings and almost $ 6,500,000 in rebates and incentives for our commercial and industrial customers. Con Edison is committed to providing our customers with the resources they need to lower their energy usage and we encourage more customers to take advantage of these financial incentives”, stated David Pospisil, Con Edison C&I Program Manager.

Saving money, energy and the environment are simple reasons to participate in Con Edison’s C&I Energy Efficiency Program. More specifically, the program provides cash incentives to reduce the cost of your capital investment - a welcome benefit in today’s current economic environment. The program also provides customers with a network of approved energy efficiency contractors, distributors, and other energy professionals for your efficient upgrade projects.

The program team is robust, ready and willing to support you on your path to a more efficient future. You can learn more about the Con Edison C&I Energy Efficiency Program by visiting their Web site at conEd.com/energysavings or by calling toll-free 1-877-797-6347.

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