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Brazil’s Untapped Potential to Employ Renewable Energy Such as Biomass, Solar, Hydro and Wind for Electricity Generation is Tremendous

Brazil’s Untapped Potential to Employ Renewable Energy Such as Biomass, Solar, Hydro and Wind for Electricity Generation is Tremendous

DUBLIN, Ireland--February 25th, 2008 -Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "Analyzing Renewable Energy in Brazil" to their offering.

Brazil’s energy industry is at a crossroads. After a decade of reforms and privatizations, Brazil is reevaluating its plans to meet growing energy needs following a crippling power shortage that rocked the nation in 2001 and a change of government on January 1, 2003.

The country’s energy policies of the last decade have been highly successful. Brazil has transformed itself from a major oil importer whose rising imports from the Middle East were leaving the country with crippling deficits to an expected net exporter of crude oil before the end of this decade. But the country’s energy use is expected to continue to climb in the coming years, and without further restructuring of its energy sector, Brazil may have difficulty ensuring that sufficient investment can be made to continue to meet the rising need for fuel and electricity. In particular, Brazil needs to address the future status of state oil giant Petróleo Brasilero S.A. (Petrobras), whose pervasive energy sector monopoly is hindering the development of competitive markets and discouraging needed private investment.

Approximately twenty million Brazilians living in remote communities do not have access to reliable electrical power. While the majority of these underserved reside in Brazil’s Northeast, the remainder dwell all over the country -- even in the well-developed states of the South and Southeast regions.

Recent economic analyses indicate that these indigenous energy sources can provide cost-effective and environmentally-sound alternatives to fossil fuel-based generation. With a potential $25 billion renewable energy market, business opportunities are limitless. However, government resources alone cannot meet the demand for off-grid energy, and those resources that are currently available support highly-subsidized programs.

We present a focus on the Renewable Energy Industry in Brazil in its report - Analyzing Renewable Energy in Brazil. The report is a complete analysis of the various sectors of renewable energy in Brazil. Starting with an analysis of the overall business environment in Brazil, the report analyzes the following renewable commodities: small hydro power, biomass, solar, and wind energy. Brazil’s environment for the development of renewable energy is also discussed in details in the report. Regulatory frameworks, government incentives, government programs promoting the use of renewable energy, etc., are all described in the report.

A comprehensive overview of the Brazilian electric power industry is included to indicate the rising demand for energy in the country and how Brazil is planning to meet these requirements. A brief profile of the global energy industry and a profile of the Brazilian energy industry are also included to further enhance the reader’s understanding of the renewable energy market in Brazil.

Major industry players such as Electrobras, Petrobras, Copersucar, etc., are also profiled in the Aruvian’s Analyzing Renewable Energy in Brazil.

Key Topics

- Executive Summary

- A Look at the Global Energy Industry

- Introduction to the Business Environment in Brazil

- Overview of the Brazilian Energy Industry

- Analyzing the Brazilian Electric Power Industry

- Brazil’s Environment for the Development of Renewable Energy

- Analyzing Small Hydro Power (SHP) in Brazil

- Analyzing the Biomass Industry in Brazil

- Analyzing Solar Energy in Brazil

- Analyzing Wind Energy in Brazil

- Leading Industry Contributors

- Appendix

- Glossary of Terms

Companies mentioned:

- Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (CEMIG)

- Copersucar

- CPFL - Companhia Paulista de Força e Luz

- Furnas Centrais Eletricas S.A

- Petrobras

- Shell Brasil S.A.

- Ultrapar Participações

- Electrobras

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