Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Electric Car News Hi- Lites

Here is a run of recent news on electric cars - showing how the global market is becoming more and more receptive and how more players are entering the marketplace
Soon drivers will run out of old excuses to not go green ...

Electric car news ...
Scooter-maker Piaggio set to begin electric car sales in one monthHa'aretz - Tel Aviv,IsraelBy Daniel Schmil, TheMarker Scooter maker Piaggio will be the first company to market an electric car in Israel. Sales are set to begin in about a month
Electric car sparks lesson on skills, efficiencyBusiness Gazette - Gaithersburg,MD,USA‘‘I would love to drive an electric car, that’s for sure. ... It’s 100 percent efficient.” Students also learned about the different kinds of batteries

Meet the 156mph electric carAutocar - Teddington,England,UKIt's being developed by the Joint Venture group – a company set up for the Alias project by American electric car maker, ZAP (OTCBB:ZAAP ) , and China Youngman Automotive

Helping the World's Oceans Begins at Home With Solar EnergyFOXBusiness - USAHe has made a personal commitment to use solar electricity to lower his carbon footprint not only for his studio but also his car, a Zenn electric car

Plans for $30K electric sports car unveiled (5 February 2008)Environmental Data Interactive - UKAn electric car manufacturer has announced plans for a new car that will be able to top 100miles per hour and do 0 to 60 in just 5.7 seconds

ZAP Sells 614 Electric Cars Following Largest Dealer SeminarAuto Spectator - USAOB) added six new electric car dealers at its first dealer sales and service training of 2008 yesterday, collecting signed purchase orders totaling 614

Three-wheeled ZAP Alias can beat a Porsche
By Gary Cleland
A new three-wheeled car with a top speed of 156mph will revolutionise driving when it is launched next year, its makers claim.


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Unknown said...

More people should learn about this. Electric car technology is really becoming impressive, like the new Zap EV that does 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds (source: Electric is looking more and more like the way to go.