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USA to become the world's largest solar energy market

USA to become the world's largest solar energy market
Solar energy becoming a cost-effective way of generating electricity in California

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Munich, Germany 1 April 2009 Press release

"In 2010, PV will be by far the most cost-effective way of generating electricity. The solar PV market in California will explode once people discover that they can generate their own rooftop power for less than it costs from their utility,” says Barry Cinnamon, long-term expert, CEO and founder of solar system integrator Akeena Solar in California. In 2008 the US PV market grew by over 60% to more than 350 MW of newly installed solar power. The majority of this new power was built in California. Barry Cinnamon is one of several CEOs to speak on 26 May in Munich at the international conference entitled "The Solar Future; count-down to grid parity".

Energy utility companies like PG&E in California are developing a large-scale solar PV power plant program. David Rubin is a director at PG&E, and he will be discussing the details of PG&E’s proposed program. David is also chairman of the board of SEPA (the Solar Electric Power Association), representing 500 US electric utilities, solar companies and other industry stakeholders in the USA. He sees a significant number of energy utilities proceeding with various solar business models, including large-scale PV power plant initiatives. "SEPA has tracked 1500 MW in solar PV initiatives in the USA, and this number is growing".

In 2009, the USA is on the way to becoming the second largest photovoltaic solar energy market in the world after Germany. The Obama administration has introduced a new Renewable Energy stimulus package and financial incentives are guaranteed for the next 8 years. "The US market has the potential to grow by more than 50% a year, which could lead to a market close to 4000 MW within 5 years," according to Edwin Koot, CEO of SolarPlaza. "The USA is likely to become the world's largest PV market within a decade. The solar industry is counting down towards the moment government aid is no longer needed. The moment when this fledgling industry will have grown up and is standing on its own feet is closer than many people think," says Koot. "It will mark the start of the Solar Future and will offer unprecedented market and growth potential".

Apart from David Rubin, CEOs from the world's leading PV companies (such as Q-Cells, Suntech Power, Applied Materials and Centrotherm) will be speaking at "The Solar Future" conference organized by SolarPlaza.

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