Friday, February 12, 2010 Top Investor Searches; Renewable Energy Stocks, Water Stocks, Natural Gas Stocks, Gold Stocks and Nanotechnology Stocks Top Investor Searches; Renewable Energy Stocks, Water Stocks, Natural Gas Stocks, Gold Stocks and Nanotechnology Stocks

Investor Ideas predicts Water Stocks, Homeland Security Stocks and Nanotechnology Stocks will be sectors to watch this year!

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C. – February 12, 2010 -, a global investor research portal announces this week’s top ten search phrases from inbound global investors. Top investor searches included renewable energy stocks, natural gas stocks, water stocks, gold stocks, coal stocks and nanotechnology stocks.

Investor Ideas collects site search data on a weekly basis and gets to see what sectors global investors are searching for. Based on recent weekly data, Investor Ideas predicts 2010 Water Stocks, Homeland Security Stocks and Nanotechnology Stocks will be some of the most interesting sectors to watch this year! Investor Ideas currently has comprehensive stock directories and content for water and Homeland Security and is in the process of updating the nanotechnology stocks directory for investors. announces two recently added water investing columns for 2010, Hydro commerce Corner-Where Water & Money Meet with Bill Brennan and BlueTech Tracker with Paul O’Callaghan.

Energy investors following natural gas stocks can also track the new Energy Investing column with Karl Miller : .

The Top 10 Investor Search List is featured on home page and is updated each Wednesday for investors to review.

This week’s top 10:

1. Renewable energy stocks- Visit the Renewable Energy Stocks Directory to Research Green Stocks
2. Natural gas stocks – Visit the Natural Gas Stocks Directory to research Natural Gas Stocks
3. Water stocks Visit the Water Stocks Directory to Research Water Stocks
4. Green energy companies
5. Natural gas news
6. Coal stocks Visit the Coal Stocks Directory to Research Coal Stocks
7. Alternative energy companies
8. Gold stocks- Research gold and mining stocks with the mining stocks directory
9. Nanotechnology stocks
10. Water companies

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Bill Gates says environmentally friendly companies and energy are great investment opportunities and stock picks. I think that wind power companies like this one will make people a lot of money: