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New Concepts In Agriculture from Aquamer (OTCBB: AQUM) (DBA/ Urban Agricultural Corp.) offer Water Solutions

New Concepts In Agriculture from Aquamer (OTCBB: AQUM) (DBA/ Urban Agricultural Corp.) offer Water Solutions

“Agriculture is the largest consumer of freshwater by far – about 70% of all freshwater withdrawals go to irrigated agriculture”-

August 27, 2010, an investor and industry portal for the water sector within, reports on the relationship of water and agriculture and how new concepts in urban agriculture can improve efficiencies. With agriculture as the current leading consumer of freshwater, new approaches to agriculture from companies like Aquamer Medical Corp. (OTCBB: AQUM) (DBA/ Urban Agricultural Corp.)offer better water use solutions.

Environmental and Water Benefits
Cleaner Water

The Urban Agricultural system reduces the nutrient pollution associated with chemical fertilizers used on commercial farms. Of the 19% of U.S. rivers and streams assessed by EPA in 2000, roughly 48% (or over 125,000 miles) showed impaired water quality as the result of pollution from agricultural runoff (fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria, etc.). This impact is more than double that of any other source of water pollution.

Water Conservation

Hydroponics production uses three to four times less water per unit of production than field-agriculture. Urban Agricultural’s closed-loop irrigation systems lead to even greater water savings.

Minimal Wastewater

The watering injection system recycles water and generates little or no wastewater. Wastewater is one of the most significant environmental costs associated with traditional methods of hydroponics.


Water Statistics from

Food, Agriculture

•Agriculture is the largest consumer of freshwater by far – about 70% of all freshwater withdrawals go to irrigated agriculture.

•Today, irrigated agriculture covers 275 million hectares – about 20% of cultivated land – and accounts for 40% of global food production.

••777 million people in developing countries do not have access to sufficient and adequate food.

•Feeding everyone in 2050 – including the undernourished and additional 3 billion people expected – could require 50 % more water than is needed now. [23]

•Reducing food wastage by 50% – including post-harvest losses, losses in transport and handling, and losses in the household – might vastly reduce or even negate the need for additional water to grow more food, which will ensure sufficient water is available for food in the future.

•Based on today’s water productivity and a projected diet of 3000 kcal/day, an additional 5600 km3/year of water needs to be appropriated by 2050 to eradicate undernutrition and feed an additional 3 billion world inhabitants. This is almost three times as much as the present global consumptive water use in irrigation.

••As irrigation systems come under pressure to produce more with less water, there is a danger that unequal rights and entitlements will widen inequalities.

•For some countries, climate change may lead to an increase in food production, as in North America and Europe, where high gains are projected.]

•For the 40 poorest countries, with a total population of some 1–3 billion, climate change may lead them to lose on average up to a fifth of their cereal production potential in the 2080s.

•As many as 40 % of the Sub-Saharan countries could lose a substantial part of their agricultural production due to climate change.


About Aquamer Medical Corp. (OTCBB: AQUM)

(DBA/ Urban Agricultural Corp.) is entering the business of urban indoor farming, environmentally friendly and sustainable urban production of healthy agricultural products under highly controlled, indoor conditions using advanced techniques and processes.

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