Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - Water Stocks News; Wescorp (OTCBB:WSCE) Defines Strategy for Gulf of Mexico Spill Remediation and Long-Term Regulatory Implications for Off-Shore Oil and Gas Operations - Water Stocks News; Wescorp (OTCBB:WSCE) Defines Strategy for Gulf of Mexico Spill Remediation and Long-Term Regulatory Implications for Off-Shore Oil and Gas Operations

CALGARY, ALBERTA - August 11, 2010 ( Water Stocks Newswire) - Wescorp Energy Inc. (OTC.BB:WSCE), a clean water technology company focused on implementing its low-cost solutions into several markets including the oil & gas and marine industries, today further defined its strategy to enter the market to provide services for the oil spill recovery efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Management is in active discussions with contractors and government agencies involved in the Gulf clean-up efforts to attempt to obtain the right opportunity for Wescorp to introduce its H2Omaxx water remediation technology in support of the oil spill recovery efforts.

"Our goal is to locate a right opportunity for Wescorp's H2Omaxx technology to be deployed in a marine environment in order to demonstrate its unusually cost effective and efficient oil/water separation," states Robert G. Power, Executive Chairman of Wescorp. "We made a conscious decision to not jump into this new area until we clearly understood the issues and challenges related to the Gulf spill and clean up efforts. As a result, Wescorp has been actively examining and receiving feedback about the actual technology challenges and opportunities for on- and off-shore oil/water separation.

"In September, we expect to achieve two important milestones. We anticipate receiving the independent test data from the ongoing commercial H2Omaxx operation from the New Sarepta, Alberta site. That same month, we also look forward to taking delivery of our first larger capacity 10,000 barrel-a-day treatment unit. At that point, we believe Wescorp will be well positioned to deploy a land-based H2Omaxx unit for use in the Gulf of Mexico clean-up.

"It is important to recognize that the clean-up will go on for many months, and possibly years. We want to ensure that our technology works properly for the specific Gulf circumstances, and we have the confidence that H2Omaxx will then prove itself in the field. Few of the new technologies that have been deployed to date in the initial clean-up operations have achieved any new efficiencies. Our objective is to set new performance standards," Power said.

Richard Dalati, VP Gulf of Mexico and International Business, added, "Wescorp has been actively pursuing opportunities for both on-shore and off-shore oil spill recovery applications in the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, we are also pursuing opportunities related to off-shore production water remediation applications. H2Omaxx technology is economically competitive and environmentally benign, as it does not use any chemicals. Operationally, the unit is simple to use, and can quickly and efficiently process high volumes of contaminated water.

"Looking ahead, we believe, as do other leaders in the industry, that the off-shore oil and gas industry will come under much stricter regulatory requirements for oil/water separation and for emergency response to oil spills. Our H2Omaxx technology provides a unique solution for both of these regulatory objectives. We expect Wescorp to play an active role and be part of the discussion going forward in terms of the technologies and standards that will likely be adopted to meet the new regulatory requirements.
"Equally important," Dalati continued, "Wescorp has now designed a unit to operate in a variety of marine environments - at sea, on a drilling rig, or on a ship. There is presently no technology that operates in a large sea swell (heave) environment under a wide variety of conditions. We expect testing will prove that H2Omaxx will operate effectively at sea, and the technology will be in demand by the marine industry because of its low cost, small footprint and light weight specifications," concluded Dalati.

H2Omaxx Technology
H2Omaxx has been proven to be a safe, effective, economical and environmentally friendly process for cleaning and separating oil and solids from water. Using Wescorp's nano-aeration technology, independent test results have shown the H2Omaxx technology to reduce the oil content in produced water to less than 10 parts per million without the use of chemicals, filters or heat.

Use of H2Omaxx provides important cost benefits to the operator when compared with the traditional multi-technology approach to remediate water. H2Omaxx can lower both the operator's capital costs and operating costs significantly. In addition, new revenues are created by the capture of barrels of oil that would otherwise be disposed.
Land-Based or Sea-Based Solution
H2Omaxx technology has been designed to produce the H2Omaxx unit in a variety of sizes, including a mobile unit and commercial units (2,500, 10,000 and 65,000 barrels-per-day). H2Omaxx solutions address a wide range of oil/water separation needs:

On-Shore Production Operations
The highly mobile H2Omaxx unit can be rapidly transported to facilities for short- or long-term commercial operations. The 10,000 barrel-per-day unit has its own storage, separation and containment tanks, micro-aeration generators and firmware and computer automation technology to allow water remediation with minimal human supervision. Wescorp expects to take delivery of its first manufactured 10,000 barrel-per-day unit in September.

Large Volume/Sea Water Emergency Response
A large volume skid-mounted unit has been designed to clean up to 65,000 barrels or 2.8 million gallons of oily seawater per day. Multiple units could be coupled together to meet the demands required in the Gulf disaster. The H2Omaxx oil/seawater separation technology is designed to remediate oily water to a standard to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's limits of 29 parts per million (ppm) monthly average – 42 ppm maximum daily "oil and grease" content. This unit has been designed to operate either on land or on the sea. Wescorp will market a large scale emergency response unit as part of its ongoing marketing efforts to marine and emergency response customers. Wescorp will seek to secure a customer for this type of unit before commissioning its construction.

Off-Shore Oil & Gas Production
Wescorp believes that a compact skid-mounted unit can be used to remediate produced water from an off-shore production platform to a level that should allow it to be discharged overboard. The unit would provide a smaller footprint (less weight, less size and less energy requirements) than the multiple pieces of equipment traditionally used for offshore platforms. Wescorp also intends to market a compact skid-mounted unit as part of its ongoing sales efforts.
Key operating advantages for the off-shore industry are expected to include:
High Throughput / Low Retention: The low retention time required by H2Omaxx technology will greatly reduce the weight of water in process relative to the throughput.
Wide Input Tolerances: Many other technologies only perform at peak levels within a narrow range of input flow rates and/or the percentage of hydrocarbons in the input solution. These operationally sensitive technologies require preconditioning or waste storage containers to manage the input specifications. This operation of the H2Omaxx unit will not require preconditioning and storage, thus decreasing overall treatment system cost, weight and space requirements.
Because of these traditional technology challenges, many production platforms choose instead to ship produced water to on-shore processing facilities, thereby significantly increasing costs and environmental operating risks. These costs and risks will be mitigated with the use of H2Omaxx.

About Wescorp
Wescorp Energy Inc. ( is a clean water solutions company focused on implementing its superior yet low cost solutions into the oil and gas production industry.
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