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Renewable Energy Laws Driving Change

Renewable Energy Laws- Driving Change
China, Germany, Spain , Czech renewable energy laws

Global changes in use ,funding and promotion of renewable energy including solar, wind , and other alternative energy sources is being driven by renewable energy laws. As China takes the rank of the leading global investor in renewable energy, the passage and implementation of the
Renewable Energy Law of China is seen as a major factor.

The Renewable Energy Law of China- passed in early 2005 and effective January 2006 requires power grid operators to purchase resources from registered renewable energy producers and also includes financial incentives for renewable energy projects.
Excerpt from translation: ” The purpose of this law is to promote the development and utilization of renewable energy, increase energy supply, improve the energy structure, safeguard energy security, protect the environment, and realize the sustainable development of the economy and society.”
Translation of law:

The German Parliament passed law February 2000 , called the "Renewable Energy Act" marking a the future of renewable energy in Germany. The Renewable Energy Law (REL) is one factor that has resulted in Germany being the world leader in renewable energy use ,with 2005 marking 10.3 percent of Germany's electricity coming from renewable energy sources
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August 2005 the Spanish government approved the new Renewable Energy Plan (Plan de EnergĂ­as Renovables, PER), superseding the Renewable Energy Promotion Plan, from 1999. The goal is achieve the target of 12% of primary energy being met from renewable sources by 2010

Czech renewable energy law Sustainable Energy Policy of the Czech Republic details:

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