Monday, June 19, 2006

Alternative Fuel Cars Provide a Solution to Today’s Gas Prices: American Honda Motor Co. Inc. Describes Their Innovations

Alternative Fuel Cars Provide a Solution to Today’s Gas Prices: American Honda Motor Co. Inc. Describes Their Innovations – Presents an Audio Interview with American Honda Motor Co. Inc. on Evolving in Today’s Alternative Energy Market
POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C. - June 19, 2006 - and leading investor and industry portals for the renewable energy and fuel cell sectors presents an audio interview with Gunnar Lindstrom, Senior Manager of Honda Alternative Fuels, Stephen Ellis, Manager of Fuel Cell Marketing and Chris Martin, Honda Public Relations spokesman. With the demand for alternative fuel vehicles remaining clear amidst concern over depleting oil and fuel resources, the drive in the market to produce a better range of options increases. As many of these technologies continue to evolve, the goal of making the alternative fuel vehicle an easier choice is at the forefront as companies strive to increase marketability and target a wider range of drivers.

In terms of getting to a point where the Company is less reliant on gasoline fueled vehicles, Gunnar Lindstrom says, “It’s just hard work over a long period of time.” American Honda Motor Co. Inc., the sales, marketing and distribution arm of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (NYSE: HMC) reports that the Company plans to refine its own zero-emission FCX vehicle over the next 3-4 years.

As they move ahead in the development of new alternative fuel vehicles, Stephen Ellis reflects the Company had at first learned quite a lot through its initial sale of electric cars, whereby they noticed that people were pleased to refill at home. Hence the Company developed the idea to design home refueling stations, in combination with new home heating technologies. The Company also believes this kind of strategic thinking will be prevalent in the design of future products. The Satellite Linked Navigation System is an example of new innovations which will serve to improve convenience for drivers who are making alternative choices.

In an effort to make alternative fuel cars more marketable, Honda has formed a solid link between their new technology and the existing infrastructure at hand. In this respect Ellis says the company is highly aware that, “As we deploy vehicles with a limited refueling infrastructure, people are going to want to have the confidence to get behind the wheel and know that they are not going to drive beyond the limits of where the refueling stations are.” In terms of overall strategy Lindstrom reports, “We believe that once you have mastered conservation and high efficiency through good gas and hybrid cars, the next step is towards natural gas vehicles and ultimately, it would lead to fuel cell vehicles in the next decade or two.”

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