Monday, June 12, 2006

Green Energy Virtual Stock Challenge- Are you the Ultimate Green Technology Investor?

Green Energy Virtual Stock Challenge- Are you the Ultimate Green Technology Investor? and Give You the Chance to Trade Solar, Wind, Ethanol and Alternative Energy Stocks and Drive Away in a ZAP Electric Car
POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C. June 12, 2006 - Green technology Investor portals and present “The Ultimate Green Tech Investor Virtual Stock Trading Contest” - a chance to win a ZAP (ZP) electric car or electric scooter as well as gain a valuable education on green technology over the course of this summer’s virtual trading competition.
Current sponsors and prizes include a ZAP® (NYSE Arca:ZP) Electric Car, and Electric Scooter, plus prizes from MicrocapTrade and Energy Hedge Fund Center LLC

The contest starts investors with $200,000 in virtual dollars to invest in green companies of choice from a list provided by The current stock list includes a cross section of public companies trading on OTC, AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE as well as TSX.

To register and sign up:
List of Green Stocks to Trade:
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The Ultimate Green Tech Investor Virtual Stock Trading Contest - a chance to win an electric car and other great prizes!

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Wes said...

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