Tuesday, August 29, 2006

GreenTechInvestor.com Virtual Green Investor Challenge Closes - Winner Drives Away with a ZAP® Electric Car

GreenTechInvestor.com Virtual Green Investor Challenge Closes - Winner Drives Away with a ZAP® Electric Car
Avid Alternative Energy Fan Leads the Pack of Investors Going for the Green
POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C. - August 29, 2006 - Green technology investor portals www.RenewableEnergyStocks.com™ and www.GreenTechInvestor.com announce the closing of the Ultimate GreenTechInvestor.com Virtual Green Investor Challenge and the winner of the ZAP® Electric car. The contest was designed to give investors and industry an opportunity to become educated in green technology. The ultimate greentech investor winner, Russ Michaud, was a long term follower of alternative energy stocks and a shareholder in sponsoring company ZAP® www.zapworld.com (NYSE Arca:ZP). He bet his virtual money and holdings on the stock he knew so well.
The GreenTechInvestor.com challenge was designed to give investors and industry an opportunity to become educated in green technology and learn about the current list of public plays in the sector. “I was already interested in alternative energy due to my concerns for our environment. What I learned specifically from the Green Energy Stock Challenge contest was that there are a lot more companies in this field than I initially thought. I was amazed at all of the smaller companies working on alternative energy,” describes contest winner Russ Michaud.
The contest started June 19th and closed on August 18, 2006. The contest started investors with $200,000 in virtual dollars to invest in green companies of choice from a list provided by RenewableEnergyStocks.com™. The stock list included a cross section of public companies trading on OTC, AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE as well as TSX.
Revealing his contest tactics Mr. Michaud explains, “My winning strategy keyed on playing the smaller 'penny stocks' and I read up on and learned a lot about these companies after seeing them in stock list provided. There are a lot of approaches to alternative energy and I think I traded in most of them during the game: geothermal, hydro power, wind, solar, biodiesel and of course the alternative fuel cars being developed by ZAP. I not only traded these virtually in the contest, but have also traded some quite profitably in my real portfolio after learning about them and getting a feel for how they moved.”
Sponsors and prizes included a ZAP® www.zapworld.com (NYSE Arca:ZP) Electric Car and Electric Scooter, plus prizes from MicrocapTrade www.MicrocapTrade.com, Energy Hedge Fund Center LLC www.energyhedgefunds.com and eco friendly children's products, Wild Heart Ranch, Inc. www.WildHeartRanch.com
"GreenTechInvestor.com and RenewableEnergyStocks.com™ would like to thank all the sponsors and participants for making this a "green summer," in spite of the summer volatility in the market, with a special thank you to ZAP. We have had great interaction and response from the investment community and feel that we have all gained additional insight into the sector and the companies involved," stated Dawn Van Zant, Founder.

Featured GreenTechInvestor.com Publicly Traded "Green" Sponsors Include: Alchemy Enterprises, Hendrx Corp, International Barrier Technology Inc. (“Barrier”), XsunX, Inc.
GreenTechInvestor.com list of "green stocks": http://www.greentechinvestor.com/stock_list.aspx
For a list of contest winners visit: www.GreenTechInvestor.com.
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