Tuesday, January 09, 2007

put your money where your mouth is- going green means spending green

I don't get it- I admit I don't get it ! Watching CNBC coverage of the Auto show and seeing and hearing phrases like the Hybrid fad is over and that due to Hybrids represented 1.3 % of total auto sales last year ( selling about 200,000) that companies like Toyota are showcasing their full size trucks instead

Are we that short term thinking ? The Buzz since oil has been down the last few days has taken over into a trend? Have we forgotten how quickly oil can spike? Have we forgotten that little thing called Global Warming?

I see first hand on our site how investor sentiment shifts quickly with the headlines and there is not a lot of long term thinking . But lets not forget where the smart long term money is going - reiterating an article we did on follow the money in renewable :

RenewableEnergyStocks.com Follows the Money in Renewable Energy and Looks at Market Upside Support from New Funding Efforts - The first in the InvestorIdeas.com “Follow the Money” series with a look at the increasing flow of investments pouring into the renewable energy industry. Despite the downturn in renewable energy stocks since Spring of this year, the growth in new money being put into cleantech projects has significantly increased. The strength in the flow of investments acts as an indicator for long term growth and upside within the clean energy sector. full story


So as consumers viewing the new automobiles - don't forget how quickly fuel prices can spike and do you want to be caught? And for the bigger picture- green autos are the road to the future!

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