Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Al Gore testifies on Global Warming March 21 - Online Greentech Conference goes live today

Today, March 21, Al Gore will testify in front of House and Senate environmental panels battling questions on the Inconvenient Truth of Global Warming. From questioners trying to prove there is no such thing as Global Warming to those that think he may have overstated numbers and facts, it is sure to be a heated discussion.

Obviously the Public hears and believes his story and documentary, awarded an Oscar and line-ups comparable to rock star fans to hear him speak-

Reminder to those following the subject - our online conference today "Investing in the Environment: Global Warming, Global Warning – Investing Today for Tomorrow’s Future"
Login is free and the conference will stay on the site for the next few months
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There is a wealth of information being presented from some of the industrys best -

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