Monday, August 18, 2008

Leaf Completes a $10 Million Investment in MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc.

Leaf Completes a $10 Million Investment in MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc.

HOUSTON, Aug 18, 2008 -- Leaf Clean Energy Company ("Leaf") (AIM: LEAF: ), an AIM listed company incorporated for the purpose of investing in clean energy companies and projects in North America, is pleased to announce the completion of a $10 million Series A preferred stock financing in MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. ("MaxWest").
MaxWest seeks to deploy proprietary waste-to-energy gasification technology using a variety of waste streams including municipal solid sludge, agricultural waste and other biomass-based material. The MaxWest gasification system represents a low cost, environmentally friendly solution that is an alternative to traditional waste disposal and provides a source of clean renewable energy. Within the wastewater treatment market, MaxWest believes it is first to market with a comprehensive, onsite, commercial-grade waste disposal system utilizing biosolids streams to produce renewable energy.
The MaxWest system is uniquely modular and scalable and has been proven commercially at five different sites throughout North America. The Company will enter into long term contracts to build, own and operate these facilities under waste disposal and/or energy supply contracts with its customers. Peter Tom, Chairman of Leaf, said: "This investment in MaxWest further balances Leaf's portfolio with unique waste-to-energy technologies and capital project opportunities. Now, with Leaf's other investments, the Leaf portfolio includes investments across a spectrum of clean energy, including waste-to-energy, biomass energy, alternative fuels, solar energy and hydroelectric."

Simon Shaw, Director of Energy & Climate Advisors, said: "With environmental concerns high on the political agenda, Leaf is enthused to be backing a company such as MaxWest that offers a real solution to how we best deal with society's waste and energy predicaments."

Dan Shapiro, Director of Energy & Climate Advisors, said: "MaxWest represents a unique entry into the emerging waste-to-energy market and provides customers with an option to lower energy costs while reducing environmental impacts associated with traditional waste disposal methods."
Richard Heien, President of MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc., said: "MaxWest is extremely pleased to have a company the caliber of Leaf Clean Energy as a strategic investor. Leaf's commitment to MaxWest provides further confirmation of our gasification technology and its application in the biomass waste markets. This investment will allow the Company to accelerate the integration of its technology into these markets and advance the Company's mission of turning today's waste problems into tomorrow's green, renewable energy."

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