Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Renewable Energy Industry Calls on Congressional Leadership

Renewable Energy Industry Calls on Congressional Leadership
Not to Leave for Election Until Tax Extender Legislation is Completed

September 29, 2008 Contact:
Christine Real de Azua (202) 383-2508

As the CEOs of the nation’s leading renewable energy trade associations, we respectfully urge House and Senate leaders to remain in Washington until there is a successful resolution of the current impasse between the House and Senate on tax extenders legislation. Since the fate of any new House or Senate-passed extender bill is unclear at best, a hasty departure will put the future of renewable energy in America at risk.

Over the past year, renewable energy has been a major source of economic growth in a troubled economy. Now, as our industries face major challenges related to the financial crisis, prompt Congressional action to extend renewable energy tax credits is more important than ever. With hundreds of thousands of American jobs and billions of dollars in clean energy investment at risk, we urge Congressional Leaders not to leave for the election recess until a House-Senate agreement is reached on the pending tax extender package.

AWEA, formed in 1974, is the national trade association of the U.S. wind energy industry. The association's membership includes turbine manufacturers, wind project developers, utilities, academicians, and interested individuals. More information on wind energy is available at the AWEA web site: www.awea.org.


Anonymous said...

Wind energy is great - but another kind of renewable energy - corn ethnaol - is not as good as documented in video at http://www.ethanol-lie.com/
Congrees can make mistakes too!

Anonymous said...

I agree with "anonymous", corn is not the answer and has already caused hardship for low income families in Mexico and other countries. We need something else!!