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"Cleantech is getting more attention again from Wall Street and Independent Investors" - Josh Levine

New York, NY, Point Roberts WA, March 29, 2011 � Investorideas.com, a leader in cleantech investor research features a recent interview with Josh Levine of the MicroCap Investor newsletter, discussing cleantech investment strategies.
Rising oil prices and the recent nuclear disaster in Japan have created renewed interest in the cleantech sector that some analyst think is the real thing and here to stay .In an environment of rising oil prices, Levine sees major investment opportunities in Cleantech.
Josh discusses his recent addition to his portfolio and why and his overall strategy for finding cleantech plays in the microcap markets.
Investorideas.com Interview Excerpt:
Q: Investorideas.com
Josh, with oil prices surging above $100, cleantech is getting a lot more attention again from Wall Street and independent investors. I know you look at the long term investment picture, so what do you think is driving cleantech and what is your outlook for opportunities in this sector?
A: Josh Levine, MicroCap Investor
Let's first qualify what is meant by the term cleantech. Cleantech is often used interchangeably with green technologies and alternative energy, but it seems to be the one that's emerged to encompass all these things. Cleantech essentially covers technologies that are more energy-efficient than conventional technologies and offer more environmentally-friendly alternatives to fossil-fuel-driven energy applications.
Broadly speaking, the world is always moving towards more efficient use of resources. Year after year and decade after decade, we manage to get more out of a given amount of resources. The first industrial revolution was powered by coal and though it provided tremendous gains in production, the pollution negatively impacted the quality of life and health of millions of people.
Q: Investorideas.com
You recently just added a new cleantech stock to your portfolio. Can you give us some insight as to what qualified this particular stock based on your investing model?
A: Josh Levine, MicroCap Investor
My latest recommendation in unusual company which has developed and commercialized environmentally safe alternatives to plastics used for food containers, utensils, product wraps, as well as a wide range of parts in autos and many other things. Importantly, it meets all of my most important criteria for a great microcap investment.
As a cleantech play, this company's biodegradeable and completely safe products can replace petroleum-based polypropylene packaging. The result is less use of oil and a better outcome for the environment. It's a strong proposition.
It's a classic microcap story with all of the fundamentals in place for soaring growth -- a unique technology platform that's been validated by major customers worldwide, an experienced and proven management team, and powerful market drivers bolstered by increasing demand.
This company is addressing markets representing annual sales in the tens of billions of dollars, it has proven technology and products that are being rapidly adopted by large corporate customers, it has manufacturing capacity to scale several times current production, and its products are already on parity with polypropylene now that oil prices are north of $100.
In 2010, sales revenue for this company was $6.3 million, a 133% increase versus 2009, and projected revenue for the 2011 full year is between $24 million and $32 million -- a whopping 300% to 400% increase over 2010!
With all this going for it, this company is still valued well below $100 million. That's the kind of microcap opportunity I absolutely love!
Q: Investorideas.com
What percentage of your portfolio is in the cleantech space currently and are you looking to add more companies in the space over this year?
A: Josh Levine, MicroCap Investor
About one-third of the MicroCap Investor portfolio is devoted to cleantech companies, and I've got several top prospects in my sights. It's tough to predict, but I suspect I'll be adding at least a couple of more cleantech plays to our portfolio this year.
It's really a matter of quality, not quantity, and I am extremely bullish on the current group we have today. Still, cleantech is a ripe sector and it will yield tremendous opportunities year after year for a very long time. Every growth-oriented investor should make sure a healthy portion of his or her equities portfolio is allocated to cleantech.
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