Friday, July 22, 2011

Water News; American Micro Detection Systems announces the availability of Real Time Elemental X-ray Fluorescence (REX) dissolved metal analysis instrument

Stockton, CA - July 22, 2011 ( Newswire) - American Micro Detection Systems, Inc. announces the availability of the Real Time Elemental X-ray Fluorescence (REX) dissolved metal analysis instrument slated for 15 August, 2011. REX has gone through exhaustive development and testing at the company's Livermore, CA research & development center for the past 3 years. REX was awarded the Artemis Top 50 award for 2011 at the Canadian Water Summit in Ontario. REX provides Dissolved Metal Analysis of water and other low viscosity to low parts per billion (ppb) levels to 3 Sigma accuracy.
REX provides users with the capability to analyze metals during actual flow conditions, "At-the-Source-Of-Interest".
  • Once parameters are set, REX needs no user interface or human interaction.
  • REX integrates into Smart Water Grid Technologies, providing User Control Centers with continual data feedback, control, interaction and monitoring solutions.
  • REX stores data and communicate results to any location in the world.
  • Acting as an autonomous process control instrument; REX sends the user an alarm, closing a valve, alerting personnel to any condition changing within the user's process.
  • REX is self calibrating and requires no consumables.
Badger Meter, Inc. (NYSE: BMI) recently signed a worldwide distributorship agreement for REX in the municipal water space.
About AMDS, Inc.
American Micro Detection Systems, Inc. (AMDS, Inc.), is a privately held technology company located in Stockton, CA. that develops and manufactures innovative, real-time water analysis instrumentation working for a cleaner, safer environment for future generations
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