Thursday, February 01, 2007 “Insiders Place Bets on Global Warming Play” “Insiders Place Bets on Global Warming Play” Reminder: Upcoming Conference "Investing in the Environment: Global Warming, Global Warning – Investing Today for Tomorrow’s Future" (ES), an investor and industry news portal for the environmental and cleantech sector within the umbrella, presents the timely exclusive 'Insiders Corner', by Michael Brush on how investors can participate in a changing climate, both in the stock market and in the global environment.

“Insiders Place Bets on Global Warming Play”

By Michael Brush, Insiders Corner for®

Ever since Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” hit the circuit last year – and spooky-warm weather seemed to confirm his thesis – many investors have been on the hunt for climate change stocks.

What’s more, reports of bizarre weather persist – most recently in Europe which was struck by unusually severe wind storms in January. Since bizarre weather patterns are a symptom of global warming, according to Gore, I’ll nominate Home Solutions of America (HSOA) as my Insiders Corner climate change stock.


Based on an Investors and Industry global movement in investing in a green future and changing the rapid rate of global warming and environmental damage, and have announced an online conference March 21, 2007 as a venue for companies, analysts and experts to share their vision and the investment opportunities. Greentech Online Investor and Industry Conference "Investing in the Environment: Global Warming, Global Warning – Investing Today for Tomorrow’s Future"

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