Monday, February 12, 2007

follow up on CO2 play posted January 30

CO2 TECH LTD (CTTD.PK) looks like it was more a short term stock play on the media attention of the global warming based on the anticipated international report that was due February 2nd.

I thought I was looking at the wrong stock today when I looked at the price - but no - it currently is trading on .39 on a lot less volume than previous

One of the dangers of trading a pink sheet stock is its difficult to get any info if they are non- reporting. There are exceptions and there are some reporting pink sheet stocks you can trade.
This was a relatively new player in the green space and I was personally getting 2-3 emails a day on it unsolicited, reflecting a stock play more than a long term deal.

Investors need to do their homework and remember even with complete due diligence their is still risk.

The seriousness of the global CO2 issue will bring in real company with a real solution with long term investment opportunity

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