Monday, April 09, 2007

Ethcial consumerisim - green consumerism global report

As the global economy shifts to a green revolution -
GfK NOP, a global market research company, published the first of a seriesof reports into the state of play of ethical brands and how they are perceived byconsumers worldwide.

full report :

Some hi-lites -

Ethical brands are becoming more widely accepted worldwide. Nearly one in
three (31 per cent) consumers stated that buying ethical products makes them
feel good. Only 18 per cent of the 5,000 consumers surveyed by GfK NOP
thought that ethical brands were just a fad, and 43 per cent stated they thought
ethical brands made businesses more accountable for their actions. Only one in
four (24 per cent) don’t believe the hype around ethical products.

One third of all people questioned said that they were willing to pay
a 5-10% premium for ethical products.

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Anonymous said...

With large UK retailer Marks and Spencer delaring there £200million plan to become carbon neutral it seems that many businesses have caught onto the consumer' interest in 'buying green'. There is an interesting article about it here,