Friday, April 20, 2007

Oprah celebrates Earth Day and teaches consumers to make green choices

If anyone can change consumer habits - we know its Oprah. She has influenced the publishing industry in a significant way and today she is inciting her studio and at home audience to "Go Green".

As she tells us that each person creates 4.5 pounds of garbage each day- we can all start with changing our habits and begin recycling on a regular basis.

She also reminded us that as we go grocery shopping and we are asked if we want paper or plastic bags- respond with "neither" .She urges consumers to buy reusable material bags that can be washed ( with eco friendly detergent) .

Another tip- rather than buying bottled water over and over again - buy a re-usable water container for on the go. Some even come with a built in filter.

For light bulbs- spend the extra money up front for the energy efficient bulbs and save money and energy over the long run. Each consumer switching to buying and using just one energy efficient bulb would make a world of difference.

Eco friendly cleaning products can change the environment in and out of your house and even several cases , it has saved children with allergies . With allergies at epidemic rates- that should be an easy change .

For Starbucks addicts - and who isn't - bring in your fillable coffee containers and save money and help save a tree.

Bottom line - we can all make small differences in our daily lives without compromising or loosing to make a big difference.

Oprah just made a big impact on the growing trend of green and ethical consumerism

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