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Green Energy Investor Alert; Recent Frankfurt Listings: City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F), Allgreentech (V7E.F), Produced Water Solutions (PWS.F) and Clean BioEnergy (CJ7.F)

Point Roberts, WA - June 24 2011 -, a leader in cleantech investor research issues an investor snapshot of recently listed and pending cleantech companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. New entries to the cleantech space on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange include wind company City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F), Allgreentech International (V7E.F), Produced Water Solutions (PWS.F) and Clean BioEnergy (CJ7.F).
Germany , known as a leader in cleantech, is home to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one of the ten major stock exchanges in the world and the largest of the seven stock markets in Germany. Cleantech companies from Europe, China , the US and Canada are listing on the Frankfurt to gain access to capital and the receptive European markets for their green technologies and services.
City Windmills, Ltd. was listed May 2011 under the trading symbol- Frankfurt: CYW.F Ticker: 3LWG41 / ISIN: GB00B3LWG419. The company is taking a unique approach in the wind markets, generating revenue from the production of clean energy from small wind turbines, in addition to green outdoor advertising.
According to the press release issued by the company, "We are delighted that approval for City Wind Mills, Ltd.. have (Cyw) to get. This provides Cyw greater access to capital, increasing the volume of trade and the international promotion of our small wind turbines for clean energy. The listing should increase the awareness of Cyw within Europe and to expand access to international brokerage firms and dealers. We believe that this step will create value for our shareholders, "said Sean Kelly, chief financial officer.
Allgreentech International Plc announced its listing June 1, 20111. (Ticker: V7E, ISIN: GB00B65SNJ08). Allgreentech International Plc is an investment company with its operating headquarter in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, that looks to create shareholder value through buying, operating and improving companies directly or indirectly aligned with the energy, resources and environment sectors.
Produced Water Solutions Inc., (PWS.F) a technology driven, waste water recycling and services provider to the Oil and Gas Industry, announced in May it had concluded an acquisition of a London based holding company, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and traded under Produced Water Solutions PLC, symbol PWS.
Mr. George Kast stated, "The European market is very receptive toward Cleantech, environmentally responsible companies such as PWS and I believe we will be well received by the European investment community.”
Clean BioEnergy was listed on the Frankfurt Exchange in April , trading Symbol CJ7 . Clean BioEnergy Inc is an Alberta Canada Company setup to "market an innovative plasma technology that is environmentally accountable and financially sustainable, that meets or exceeds all government environmental emission standards”, according to the Company's release.
There are cleantech companies in the pipeline as well , discussing their intention to list on the Frankfurt . Youbisheng Green Paper is planning to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the third quarter this year and HybridTech Energy, a company that generates fuel from water with its On Demand Hydrogen Injection Technology, also plans to list on the Frankfurt Exchange in the coming months.
This article is the first in a series of articles examining the cleantech sector on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange .
Showcase Cleantech Frankfurt Wind Stock City Windmills:
City Windmills © was founded in early 2010 and has carried along its idea of building an efficient, enduring and cheap windmill, adapted for home use, for industrial level use and for larger sized wind farms. With City Windmills © and the low cost of production per kWh, any home can afford electricity at grid parity costs.
Several steps of developments allowed the City Windmill © system to evolve from producing energy at 0, 12 € (0, 14 US$) per kWh, then at 0, 09 € (0, 11 US$) per kWh and finally at 0,065 € (0, 08 US$) per kWh. This production cost, while amortizing the price of a City Windmill © over a period of 20 years (as for other power producing plants), is competitive with every other energy source. And this is achieved without any subsidies. In an unsubsidized environment, the payback can be as short as 4.5 years.
The company is targeting the $20 Billion outdoor advertising industry with a new concept in green outdoor advertising, combining clean energy technology and advertising.
City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F) is a company in the development phase, with the design, development and marketing of revolutionary small wind turbine systems clean flachblättrigen deals. The business model of Wind Mills City focuses on revenue generation from the production of clean energy from small wind turbines, along with advertising revenue. More info
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Sean Kelly, Chief Financial Officer
City Wind Mills, Ltd.
+41 22 310 8603
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