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Sean Kelly, Chairman, CFO of City Windmills (CYW.F), Shares His Global Vision of "Seeing a Walmart Generating Green Energy with a "Walmart is Going Green" Ad on the Wind Turbine

Point Roberts, WA - June 16, 2011 -, a leader in renewable energy stock research, releases an exclusive Q&A with Sean Kelly. Chairman, CFO and founder of City Windmills Ltd. Mr. Kelly share his vision for City Windmills innovative wind technology that combines outdoor advertising with green energy. City Windmills is targeting corporations that are seeking solutions to go green; producing their own electricity as well as showcasing their green mantra on outdoor ads on the windmills.
The company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in May under the following stock symbol:
(Frankfurt: CYW.F Ticker: 3LWG41 / ISIN: GB00B3LWG419).
Sean, City Windmills is taking a unique approach with its wind technology, blending wind energy and green outdoor advertising. Can you explain the corporate vision and technology behind it?
A: Sean Kelly, Chairman, CFO and founder of City Windmills Ltd.
Go on our website at and look at the page called "Animation". That animation shows you the product. Just imagine 20 of those windmills on the rooftop of a Walmart, above the entrance with a big fat Walmart logo on it saying "Walmart is going green, with 24% of its energy of this building is produced by these windmills". Their customers love it. Our vision in general is that corporations now have a means to produce their own cheap green energy. Besides solar panels, they had no real choice up to now.
Can you give investors an idea of the size of the turbines and how much energy they can produce for each company?
A: Sean Kelly, Chairman, CFO and founder of City Windmills Ltd.
The math is quite simple. One windmill is 7 meters high, which in 20 feet. Each one can produce approximately 4’000 kWh per year in a wind environment of 5 meters per second wind average (11 mph). At a wind speed of 7 meters per second (16 mph), the production of energy is 8’000 kWh per year. We rate an average of 6’000 kWh per year per windmill as being the standard. An employee in average consumes 1’700 kWh per year in a standard work environment. Depending on how much energy a building consumes, based on its number of employees, with a few windmills on the roof and a few in the surrounding portion of land, you can quickly cover 25% of the building’s needs. We keep the handy rule of four, which says that one City Windmill covers the annual energy needs of 4 employees.
Can you give investors an outline of your roll- out for City Windmills in terms of Geographic distribution?
A: Sean Kelly, Chairman, CFO and founder of City Windmills Ltd.
We are starting with the USA, Canada and the UK. That is where the economics make the most sense. The feed-in tariffs are the highest of the developed countries. We are starting with the US government, with which we have some advanced discussions. We are benefitting from the Executive Order nr.13423, which orders all US government buildings to be supplied to 30% in renewable energies by 2015.
Have you filed for any patents on any of the technology?
A: Sean Kelly, Chairman, CFO and founder of City Windmills Ltd.
Yes, we have a patent on the system. It covers several aspects of the system. We also intend to file special patents for the USA.
Sean, the company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange this May. Do you see investors in Europe more in tune with the green energy shift?
A: Sean Kelly, Chairman, CFO and founder of City Windmills Ltd.
The European investors are actually a bit behind the US investors in general in green energy. I feel that a bit less capital is dedicated to new energies at this moment. Oil prices have not affected the lives of Europeans as much as in the US, due to the dropping dollar and also a lower consumption of oil in general. But this trigger will happen somewhere down the road.
About City Windmills, Ltd
City Windmills, Ltd. - Showcase Frankfurt listed wind stock ( Frankfurt: CYW.F Ticker: 3LWG41 / ISIN: GB00B3LWG419)
City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F) is a company in the development phase, with the design, development and marketing of revolutionary small wind turbine systems clean flachblättrigen deals. The business model of Wind Mills City focuses on revenue generation from the production of clean energy from small wind turbines, along with advertising revenue.
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